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Space Beards

Space Beards is a game where you work with your friends as Jiggly Space Pirates to keep repairing your ship before it explodes!

Fend off asteroids from the ship, hit the engine with your fire extinguisher until the fire is put out!  

- Play with up to four players

- Jiggly fun!

- Recommended by your doctor 

Install instructions

- Download and extract to play

- If any game breaking bugs are found, email us at contact@angrycactusgames.com 

- controllers only

- Space Beards is designed for 16:9 other aspect ratios may experience minor issues

- SpaceBeardsAvcon_1 is the final Avcon build but without "Dwarf Color Picking"

-SpaceBeardsAvcon_2 is The latest Avcon build of Space Beards Includes Dwarf Color Picking but is potentially more unstable if there are problems with this build use SpaceBeardsAvcon_1


SpaceBeardsAvcon_2.zip 46 MB
SpaceBeardsAvcon_1.zip 43 MB


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"Cool Game, needs more Dwarves" Me, the programmer of this game 2k18